• D1541

    刹车片 oemco ceramic brake pads:D1541

    oemco ceramic brake pads

    奥美科号: OE11541


  • D768

    刹车片 Brake Pad Set:D768

    Brake Pad Set

    奥美科号: OE10768

    1.The world most advanced O.E.M. once molding technology and equipment as well as ISO9001:2008 management.
    2.Famous technicians from O.E.M. brake factory as our General Engineer & Plant Manager.
    3.Brake pads shoes as well as spark plugs including all kind passengers, buses and trucks.
    4.Semi-metallic, low metallic and ceramic formulas.
    5.High-temperature resistant,abrasion resistant,strong intensity,non-noise,non-pollution.

  • 4D0 698 451 C

    刹车片 Brake Pad Set:4D0 698 451 C

    Brake Pad Set

    Rear Axle
    Brake System
    : TRW
    Width : 87 mm
    Height : 52.9 mm
    Thickness : 17 mm

  • SE-127165005A

    刹车片 Brake Pad Set:SE-127165005A

    Brake Pad Set

    Front Axle
    Width : 108.9 mm
    Height : 39 mm
    Thickness : 17.3 mm

  • 8N0 698 151 A

    刹车片 Brake Pad Set:8N0 698 151 A

    Brake Pad Set

    Front Axle
    Brake System : ATE
    Width : 156.3 mm
    Height : 74 mm
    Thickness : 20.3 mm


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